Europe Jackpot Lottery Spells Caster

For the Lottery Spells, you will need
Lottery ticket
Pen with green ink
How to Cast the Lotto Spell
Buy a lotto ticket. Fill in your numbers and submit it.

Using the pen with the green ink write the full name you were born with,

your birthday and the letters: DR Ndege

on the back side of the ticket.
Sleep with the lottery ticket under your pillow to try and coerce the universe into providing you with a real win.

The Effects of the Lottery Spells
Finally, you can help your dreams can come true.

All you have to do is to ensure that you play the lotto on a regular basis,

and understand how it works.

Make sure that you play the lotto within the specified time slot after using this spell.

The Lottery Spells are specially designed for anyone who plays the lotto on a regular and frequent basis,

and who understands how it works.

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